October 20, 2014

Family Fun Day @Al Tamimi Stables

Major sunshine + hot weather, but we still stayed an entire day at the stables! That should say something in itself right there about our day! It was literally a fun family day with my kids and husband this past Saturday!
Ruby & Nate did not want to go home, they were sopping wet from... well yes perspiring, but mostly because they played A LOT at the splash pads. Which can I add, would be AMAZING if they created an even bigger one within their 30 acre farm, just saying:) I did see some spare areas of land with lot's of grassy bits All  kids love a good splash!
30 acres...we walked the entire trail. We saw beyond what most people would walk to. This place is so cool with all sorts of neat little spots and things to find. I saw fruit growing naturally in the orchard. I had to stop and take a picture haha, not something we often see here in the UAE. Wild Oranges, lemons... We vouched in November we would  return again (would be nice if Nafora Cafe could supply ready made picnic baskets for families) enjoy some frolicking in the grass, visit all our favourite farm animals from across the world, goof around in the playground, make big splashes at the splash pads!
Visiting the baby calf and it's siblings. Ruby pet it:) Nate got licked across his belly by a Mommy cow and laughed so hard. The playground is one of the biggest structures I have seen, absolutely beautiful.
Sun, hat, ice cream, smiles, giggles, kisses ✓
The girls just wanna have fun! One of my best friends Melissa and her daughter Molly which happens to be Ruby's best friend came and met us in the afternoon. We laughed so much drumming at Family Fun Day with 'Dubai Drums'. The kids ended up wandering off with their dads and we stayed until the end drumming away completely carefree (I secretly felt like I was channelling my wannabe 70's hippie self). We then spotted a pony in fancy dress which we tried to take a selfie with...fail! Ruby & Molly went for a horse ride, they both love animals and horses so it was a perfect blend of a day:)

Competition: Fun City Powercard

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October 16, 2014

Fashion Friday: Local Designer "Zayan The Label"

This weekend I am lusting over these beauties from Zayan The Label at Galleria Mall in Dubai. Purple+pink+grey=I want it all!

'Yummey Mummey' Lily Allen 29 (one year older than me woohoo) is hitting up Dubai in a few weeks time (November 14th). Her transformation over the last year has totally moved me. She is owning it as a young and hot mom! I would love to see her sporting some of these local designer threads at #What’sOnPartyInThePark. With all that said, I am so tempted now to add some purple hues to my half shaved (shaven?) head. I don't know if I am going through a case of 'mid life crisis' but I feel like I need to get all these wild child shenanigans out of my system before I hit the big 3-0...#yolo