October 26, 2014

Stylish "Movember" Toddler Look For Under 40 AED*

An absolutely adorable outfit to dress up your darling little boy in this coming November/Movember and can then be worn throughout the cooler months of "winter" here in the UAE. Imagine this shirt cost less than 40 AED!

October 25, 2014

High-End "Simonetta" Italian Children's Wear Collection Now @Galeries Lafayette Dubai Mall

When I see a bargain or a treasure in a thrift shop I get jaunting jitters that creep through my blood, making my heart dance. Well that is how I felt when I saw the big reveal of ‘Simonetta’ at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall on October 19th.
"Simonetta is an Italian brand that launched in the 1950s, now cherished for its elegant and luxurious creations with exquisite detailing."
The owner Mrs Barbara Stronati (haha same first name as my mom) along with her team was there to showcase the launch of their new Fall/Winter 2015 collection. It is everything you could EVER imagine for your little girl. It is like she went inside my 4 year old daughter’s head and perfectly captivated all of her magical and imaginative ideas.  A real life Fancy Nancy!
“Why fit in when YOU were born to STAND OUT!” – DR. SEUSS
A perfect blend of retro 1950/60’s mixed with a nice punch of subliminal modern punk a la 2014 I mean 2017 the Italians are always years head of fashion . I love the A-line shaped dresses. The shoes… were… I couldn’t breathe! I would sooooooo rock a pair of those shoes Ruby was modeling. How flipping bad never mind I won’t finish that word are they? Unfortunately they are not YET available at the shop, but I am sure it won't be long until they are!
The variation of material used for the garments could keep you wandering the petite boutique and get totally carried away. Something to suite all little girls with great taste. Some days they are feeling more flowery, sometimes in a pink mood, sometimes in a fashion show mood…I know those moods all too well! Like I didn’t have enough with my panic attack over the sweet blinged out shoes, they then brought out the hair accessories.  This is the trendiest set of clothing! The finishing details are breathtaking.
Now I will warn you, this exclusive collection is not for the faint at heart. If you like to splurge on quality, stylish designer goods then this is the brand for you. If you don’t have that kind of cash flow, at least go and explore the range and feel the passion that the creators behind Simonetta put into it.Barbara and her posy were a kind of crew you just wanted to keep your eyes peeled to but not be so obvious that you were constantly staring at them. Each one so uniquely, yet effortlessly dressed. Barbara wore a one of a kind unusual necklace placed over a classic navy dress, little dark gold ankle socks with ankle booties (love that idea) and with legs like hers, I would be too. It’s no wonder the collection looks the way it does. These people have class and style that cannot be duplicated. It would be a dream come true to visit their workspace and see them artistically in action. There’s me going all artsy fartsy so I will end this piece here because I could endlessly talk about art + the beauty of the Simonetta line.
Now available at Galeries Lafayette, 1st Floor
The Dubai Mall

October 22, 2014

Competition: Philips Pamper Hamper Celebrating 30 Years!

In celebration of Philips AVENT turning the big 3-0 they have launched a 'Tiny Achievements' campaign! In cooperation with Al Qadi Pharmacy and Est, the 'Tiny Achievements' campaign came to life. The campaign seeks to provide an opportunity for mothers to focus on the positives in their daily parenting challenges and share them with the world. Whether it is having a shower before lunchtime, successfully breast feeding for the first time, or getting baby to sleep with no tears, Philips AVENT wants to hear about these successes.

Mommy in Dubai has the pleasure of giving away a giant Philips Pamper Hamper with LOADS of great Philips beauty products for one lucky mother! A few of the items will include a hair straightener, a hair curler, a epilator, along with scented candles, bath salts and beauty treatment products!


To be in the chance of winning:
1. Leave a comment below OR on my Facebook  page {here}
    Telling me what your 'Tiny Achievement' is. 
2. Like & share my contest post with your friends and family {here}
3. PLUS for ANOTHER chance at winning, head on over to the Philips AVENT page and  
    tell them what your 'Tiny Achievement' is right {here}

Contest closes on October 31st, 2014.