June 28, 2015

I was thinking...

I was seated on the bus in Vienna yesterday (public transport is faster than driving). I was alone for a change, no kids in tow. I watched fondly at mother in her 30's helping her two boys which looked about 3 & 5 years of age. They were coming back from a bike ride. She was juggling two bicycles, bags and at the same time making sure the boys were seated and safe. Yes her boys were wearing helmets too (so important she got extra bonus points from me).
As soon as they sat down, she opened up a backpack and offered them a drink of water each in their own reusable bottles. I could see she was tired and a bit disheveled. Like she couldn't wait to call it a day. Yet she adoringly looked after those two little boys until we reached our final stop. I kept smiling at them and with a pang in my heart was missing my own kids. She probably thought either I was a weirdo; or that I didn't have children and had no clue what I would be getting myself into! Trust me...I know haha!
It feels so strange to travel around the city without Ruby & Nate. It's like they are my validation card for strangers to know that I am a mother. Without them, I just look like any other person walking about doing my business.
I wanted to tell this mother of the two boys what a great job she was doing. Which got me thinking... how often she is told this by her family/friends? How about you...how often do people tell you that you are doing a superb job? I wish you women would be told more often how incredible you are. You are raising a family. No matter how big or small your brood is, the job is hard! All the time and dedication you give them. Just think, the next time you feel a set of eyes staring at you, watching you while you are out with your kids... they are probably thinking what I was thinking about the Mom with boys. You are marvelous, you are a beautiful woman, and nurturing a human being. You created life! You go girl and rock your day as a mom!
On a TOTAL side note...where was my bus taking me? 
I was going for my bi-yearly feminine you know what checkup. Not exactly the most joyous time of year for me. But heck I did it, my pap is out of the way. It is SO important. If you have not please, please for the sake of your kids and family go make an appointment and get it out of the way for 2015. If you already have, bravo and I hope you are healthy and happy:) I will find out my results next week (Thursday) and hope that this cancer is gone and dusted for another year

June 21, 2015

Fun Find: Gap Kids & Baby Gap Summer 2015 Collection

Did you know that one of my addictions is Gap Kids & BabyGap? ESPECIALLY when it involves a shopping date with my Mom!  Boy does that woman go bananas for the store just like I do, possibly even more:) I can't recall how many care packages my Mom sends the kids throughout the year that involve a box of goodies from good ol' GAP! 90 % of Nate & Ruby's wardrobe comes from the perfectly on trend, adorable and comfortable brand. She loves sending seasonal pyjamas, swimsuits, pretty much...the whole store haha! I am getting all giddy just thinking of how soon I will be touching down in Toronto and will be shopping up a storm with my best friend, my Mom. I know, you probably think that sounds cheesy, but I swear she is! Funny how GAP brings us together. Mom has also taken a fancy to online shopping with them. Would be great for the brand to introduce this service to us UAE folks!

Have you had the chance to have a glimpse at any of the new summer pieces from
Gap Kids & BabyGap yet?

"Think Brights. Think fun. As the temperatures rise and the scorching heat takes over, kids can indulge in popsicles and fun games while dressed up comfy and bright in their adorable Gap outfits."

I recall my childhood, and how summer as a tiny tot always meant fresh new clothes from Gap. A perfect way my Mom would welcome the season in for me (and now her grand babies). My parents would take my brother and I on shopping trips every so often to the states. We always enjoyed those road trips! My Mom would pick out bright fun pieces for me to wear. I remember always being very excited to sport my new goods once we got home and felt so great in them. I still recall the smocked blouses she snapped up (one in each color)! Memories truly do last a lifetime!

As a mother of two, I couldn't think of a better brand to dress my children in. The clothing is made of a nice breathable cotton, the kids never complain of it being uncomfortable and most importantly it is a great fabric to toss in the wash and come out just as new as when I purchased it (or my Mom did).
As we packed up and vacated the UAE for the summer (a few days ago) I kid you not, Ruby & Nate's suitcases were brimming with Gap. Thanks Mom:) 
What's in store for girls? Denim dungarees, printed shorts, eyelet dresses in white and prints.
For boys? Oxford shorts, striped tees and polos!
Another fun thing about my fav kiddies brand is that the pieces are always so versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down. They can really go from playground to party in a flash. And how about all the cutie patootie accessories for us to shell out on:)
The new kids and baby collection is now in all Gap stores in:


June 19, 2015

We Love...

Ruby & I are in love with her new Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Dolls (Cinder Slippers & Confetti Carnival). They seem very much inspired by Japanese motifs and a little on the Harajuku side, especially with their funky dresses (which we adore). These two dollies made our flight over to Vienna very fun. They each come with a mix of yarn/bendy hair, which I was even able to help teach Ruby how to braid with.
With the unique texture of hair they have you can actually style it any which way you like. The hair can be curled, twisted, straightened, bent, lengthened, colored, painted with glitter and accesorized!

Cinder Slippers & Confetti Carnival are super sweet, colorful & innocent! Really refreshing to see on the market in this day and age. They do not make me feel like a bad parent when I let Ruby play with them (like some other dolls out there which I am sure you can figure out which ones I am talking about).
You can find your very own crazy hair doll at 
(The Toy Store) retailing for 150 AED (ToysRus UAE)

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