April 25, 2015

Store Opening: I Pinco Pallino @ The Dubai Mall

A party fit for a princess!
 Ruby and her darling friend attended a spectacular store opening. The exclusive I Pinco Pallino founded by Imelde Bronzieri and Stefano Cavalleri is the new Italian kid in town! If you know me, you know I adore Italian children's wear from the likes of Il Gufo to Simoneta:) What a beautiful party they threw! Amazing treats for the kids, flower headband making and a photo shoot. Ruby took home a pink tutu that was used for a green screen photo shoot. It was so lovely!
Italian designer I Pinco Pallino uses luxurious fabrics (I noted a lot of lace and intricate detailing). The girls party dresses were each really special and creative. Which little miss Ruby would wear daily regardless if there was a party or not!

The dresses and luxury wear for little ones is so perfect for Dubai (isn't everyone dressed to the nines all the time in this country). I have my eyes fixed on the tiny little suits for boys. Maybe my sister-in-law will too:) She is getting married this summer and Nate is going to be her ring bearer.

What's not to love about this collection! The girls wear in particular was my favourite. I must mention that the price tags are for those that are willing to dish out the big bucks on their tiny tots. The handmade dresses and accessories will set you back a pretty dirham.

April 21, 2015

Are You Giving Your Child Multivitamins?

Let’s talk vitamins today!
Do you give your child their daily dose of goodness to ensure they have all the right nutrients to grow healthy and strong? Perhaps you don't need to as they eat really great well balanced meals (praise you if they do).

 Since Nate & Ruby are both completely different in their eating habits (and personalities) I knew I had to pump them with added vitamins to be sure they are perfectly...well...perfect! Health to me is #1! Ruby likes all green vegetables except for green herbs, she loves corn, carrots and a few select other things. Nate will pretty much only eat corn! On the other hand, they both love their fruits! I often worry they do not have enough of these healthy foods (or as the modern day Mamma calls "super foods") in their tiny bodies. If only they would eat like rabbits and be full of kale, beans, beetroot and a rainbow of other fruits and vegetables I would be one happy girl. I wouldn't be happy to change my little guy's diapers though! I have enough of it with him eating strawberries and watermelon, what a horrendous disaster zone.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics they suggest that the decision to give your child a multivitamin stands totally up to you (along with your doctor). After all, mother's know best!

"Vitamin is an organic substance, which is essential for normal metabolism and growth. Most vitamins are not readily stored and cannot be synthesized in the body; therefore, consistent daily intake is important. Once growth and development are completed, vitamins remain essential nutrients for the healthy maintenance of the cells, tissues, and organs."
 Nate with his Omega vitamins back in 2014
A multivitamin helps to fill in gaps where your little one may be lacking something (ie. green legumes for Nate). Whenever I pop a vitamin in my kiddies tiny hands and see them gobbling it up, it kind of helps give me peace that they are hopefully adding something extra healthy to their bodies that they need to grow.
This is the second time Ruby & Nate have tried Yaya Vitamins. The first one was an omega 3 chewable fish “candy” (great for mind development). Nate thoroughly enjoyed them, Ruby complained they were too “fishy” smelling and tasting. This new bottle of vitamin C gummies are a ginormous hit! The kids pediatrician recommended for me to give them their vitamins first thing in the AM with breakfast. They are SO delicious, that often I am not seen by anyone...sneakily taking a gummy (the orange are my fav) and very quietly chewing away. They have the perfect tangy taste, If I could, I would eat the whole jar. Vitamin C helps to improve immunity against common colds/flu/cough and enhance iron absorption.

"Yaya Vitamins range has all the essential vitamins and nutrients that are designed specifically for children, from 2 years of age and above, to give them everything they need to develop into fit young adults. By using great fruit flavors and real fruit juices, kids will look forward for taking their daily vitamins requirements. All Yaya Vitamins are Gelatin-Free products in the form of chewable animal shaped gummies packed in a tamper-proof container. Each bottle has 60 chewable gummies sufficient for a one-month supply."

Previous to Yaya I found an organic range by Rainbow Light (Nutri Star & Kid's One) at a small nutrition shop in Dubai Mall near Worood Flowers on the LG floor.
I would love to hear your input on whether your tiny tot takes vitamins and if so, what brand/type? Lets get talking and sharing.
For a little laugh, I found this quote online: "Eat your veggies-have less wedgies!"

April 19, 2015

New Kellogg's Disney Frozen Cereal

Well, well...weren't my kids just as happy as Larry this past weekend!
Yes we most certainly did get up to some fun family activities, BUT one of the highlights was breakfast on Friday morning...when they got to have their very own special box of Frozen cereal! Cereal is a pretty big deal in my household! It is considered a treat! Call me a nutcase if you wish. We often have fresh fruit, homemade oatmeal, pancakes, french toast etc...It is now Sunday and the box is almost empty! The two of them keep sneaking handfuls of it throughout the day. They are so excited that it is "Frozen". Ruby picks out all the "snowflakes" for Nate to eat and she has all the "snowballs". They argue to make sure they both have the same equal amount...who knew cereal could cause such drama and excitement all wrapped into one!
Below is Ruby & Nate ultra excited for the big reveal of their special delivery from my pal at Aramex and the nice folks from Kellogg's Middle East!
P.S Thank you for the lovely new wig and crown. Ruby is now Elsa-fied. Of course she has to be unique and different and wear her own version of a "coronation gown". Can't believe she calls it that. I love this kid so much!
"Kellogg and Disney have teamed up to bring a sprinkle of Frozen magic to the breakfast table with the launch of a new cereal offering. The Kellogg’s Disney Frozen Cereal is set to add some fun and sparkle to morning times across Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Iraq and provide your family with a nutritious and happy start to the day."
From a very young age, it has been instilled in me just how important it is to have breakfast. Especially when you are going to school! I remember my Mom begging me to eat something before I went on the school bus. Now I see myself doing the exact same thing to Ruby! No issues with getting her to eat the past few mornings though with this "sparkly" cereal. By the way, it is not really sparkly but it sounds fun to say:) After all, Frozen is all about magic!
Great now I have "do you want to build a snowman" stuck in my head...
Oh and one more thing! They are both eating from the same box of cereal. One side has Anna & Elsa and Olaf is on the other side. Just thought you should know:)