May 24, 2015

Blinged Out Goggles

Summer is here, which means lots of swimming to cool down from the hot, hot heat!
Ruby has several pairs of swimming goggles that have had their days. I thought it would be fun to spruce up a pair and bring some life back to them. I can't remember where I saw a picture of goggles adorned with bling, but I wanted to recreate them for Ruby!
What you need:
  • Crystals
  • Adhesive glue (make sure it is water proof ie. E-6000 clear adhesive)
  • Tweezers
  • Goggles
  • Optional decorative flowers
*Swarovski crystals are great for extra shimmer & shine but you can also buy a cheaper brand. Satwa has a wonderful selection! I have created Ruby's goggles with two rows of tiny crystals on top and bigger ones on the bottom to give you an idea of what the two sizes look like. I quite like the larger stones*
This little project was completed in 30 minutes & a huge hit with my girly girl! You could really go all out and make them even funkier! I only had white crystals at home, otherwise I would have used a bolder colour, like bright pink!


May 12, 2015

Grand Opening: Hello Kitty Spa @ The Dubai Mall

The event of the year for little Miss Ruby & I! The wait is finally over! Hello Kitty's biggest fans can now say konnichiwa to the launch of their brand new location at The Dubai Mall:) Becoming the fifth Hello Kitty Beauty Spa in the GCC! Lucky for us Mom's and girls of the UAE we can have access to the spa anytime of the year. Unfortunately for friends, family and visitors living outside of the will have to fly here to experience a spa treatment! UAE is the ONLY place in the world you can find a Hello Kitty Spa.
We attended the ribbon cutting ceremony with exclusive media and press. We were treated to scrumptious petit fours and Hello Kitty cupcakes. Their ain't no party unless you have cupcakes:) Aren't they just darling? You can actually buy them directly from the "Hello Kitty Cafe" while having your mani/pedi:) A real royal experience!
Ruby brought her two pals along with her to partake in the celebrations. The girls each had a signature Hello Kitty bow crafted in their hair. By the way...I tried to replicate Ruby's this morning for chance! The ladies have skill!! The lil' ones had some Hello Kitty nail art done and of course I did TOO! Hello Kitty is a brand I have grown up with and adored my whole life (not to mention collected).
As the ribbon cutting was about to take place, I suddenly spotted Hello Kitty emerging from behind the curtains of the spa, I think I screamed out loud and ran to her with glee! I don't think I will ever grow up:) I seriously ADORE her!
Ruby had her first haircut at the original flagship spa in Town Centre Jumeirah in 2012. I still have her "first haircut certificate" tucked away in a safe place including a hair lock they saved for us:) We also did a review when my blog first started up. You can check out some old pics of us {HERE} from Feb 2013.
They do other sweet services such as: face masques, strawberry manicures, chocolate pedicures, even mother-daughter beauty packages (hello mother's day/birthday pressie idea husbands). The spa can host girls of any ages-yes even babies in Dubai get mini mani's! I am really happy to say that all of the products that the spa use are of highest standards. And most importantly, the products used on our girls are organic (or organic as you can get when it comes to makeup).
Domo arigato for the invite Fatima Sharaf (the owner behind this specialty spa). You have created such a fantastic chain of spas and I am greatful that we get to use two of them here in Dubai. My inner child is beaming with pride! Girl power!
Check out the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa on {Instagram} for some really cute pictures
Aditionally, you can contact any of the 5 spas by calling:
Dubai Mall 04-325 3759 | TownCentre Jumeirah 04-344 9598 | Abu Dhabi 02-447 5210 | Bahrain+97317211896 | Kuwait +96522597217 |

5 Minutes of Fame @Yahoo

I am so proud to show you these two videos I teamed up with Yahoo to make. There is one more to come that is in the editing process. Only two bloggers from UAE were handpicked (one of them being me) along with bloggers from around the world that were flown in by Emirates. Really, really exciting project that I am so incredibly honoured to be part of:)
The second video can be viewed {HERE}