November 26, 2014

Review: Dubai Cosmetic Surgery "Ultherapy" by Olimpia Carmen

About one month ago, at age 28 I made my first plunge and "went under the knife". Just kidding! I had a popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure done. Tricked you, didn't I? After four years of having poor sleep, irregular eating habits and insuring everyone else in my family is hydrated excluding myself, I have noticed some major line-age happening around my once sought after "baby face" as my friends would call me. I needed help from the very best "Olimpia Carmen" the laser & cosmetology specialist at {Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic}.

For whatever reason, when I met Olimpia I was ready to tell her "Do whatever you want to my face!" I had that "trusting" feeling with her. She invited me to her office where she explained what she would do for me and showed me some proven before and after pics of her clients. I felt calm and cool and ready to kick my wrinkly face to the curb!

We did a roughly 30-45 minute procedure called "Ultherapy" using the "Ultera" machine. Before she started working her magic, I had my face cleansed and prepped by the nurse. Olimpia then used a special ruler from the company of Ulthera so she knew where she was allowed to do the treatment within the "safe areas". She marked up my face with a white crayon and I was all set to go! Olimpia did warn me that I may feel some pain and be uncomfortable at times but the results are fast and effective. The pain was NOTHING what I imagined it would be. On certain parts of my face (she concentrated near my clown lines up to my cheeks) I barely felt a thing. Near to my forehead I did have a strange sensation of tiny little bubbles zapping my wrinkles. But not enough to make me cringe, cry or scream (nothing like labor). After all, no pain no gain...right?
It was rather interesting to be laying on the bed while the procedure was taking place. I was able to watch the screen monitor where the ultrasound was connected. I could actually see my face and bones on the big screen! Quite a change from the normal stomach ultrasound I have come to be so familiar with! This screen monitor allowed Olimpia to know what area she can target and how many zaps she needed to do to. The zaps destroy the old aging bits so my new collagen and elastic have the chance to reform. Ground breaking technology if you ask me!
 As I mentioned previously, my treatment took roughly 30 minutes, which gives the Ultherapy treatment the name "lunchtime procedure". I left the clinic with very, very mild redness. No side effects whatsoever, the only thing was that the following day I felt like I had bruises on my face on the areas that were targeted. Obviously there weren't any, but I had the feeling that there were. It lasted all of one day. 

I have included some rather embarrassing "before" pictures and "after". I only say this because I am makeup-free and it always feels weird to bare my face, flaws and all to the public eye. I feel rather content though, as one month post my session I can feel a difference. When I look at photos of myself now, I do feel much less "saggy & baggy". Some folks are lucky and can see results almost immediately after their treatment. I might stand as being one of those lucky human beings. I did feel tightness right after. To see the full results, it is suggested that it can take up to a full three months. I am very happy that my new skin will stay put for the next 1-2 years with proper care :) I can handle that!
 Having the opportunity to sit, learn and be worked on by Olimpia was a true honor. She treats each one of her patients with such care and compassion. She used different sizes of the ultrasound bits to customize my treatment according to my facial genetics. She is fantastic!
Olimpia Carmen is the head of laser and skincare at {Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic}. She is constantly conducting research and attending world renowned Anti-Aging conferences in search of ‘The Next Best Thing’ to offer her patients. She has worked with some of the best and most renowned doctors and professors in the field from whom she learned and perfected the latest in Anti-Aging and Permanent hair reduction techniques.
 “My greatest satisfaction both professionally and personally is to see the confidence my patients get by seeing the improvement in their appearance. Even small changes in the way we look can give us a positive outlook on life and on the lives we lead. This is the greatest motivation for me to keep researching, testing, and customizing the treatments because no two patients are alike and people want to know that they are not treated as a number. Each patient is unique and they should have a unique treatment to fit their individual needs. This is my belief and my passion and I believe this is what sets our clinic apart from the rest; a personal touch.”
Once my treatment was complete, I had a beautiful massage done of my face with vitamin C. I was ready to nod off and wake up with a whole new face hahaha. NO! I am not that superficial! It's just a nice feeling when you can put your trust and your very own face in another person's hands and feel at safe.
What is Ultherapy?
Ultherapy is the process of tightening, lifting and toning of the skin with the use of sound energy emitted by an Ulthera System. This is done on the face, neck and brow areas.
This device is placed on a patient’s skin where it emits controlled heat energy, which penetrates through the outer skin to the deeper layers of the dermis. This heat signature stimulates new collagen and elastin to form naturally while destroying the aging bits, hence the firmer and tighter appearance.
Ultherapy candidates:
Most people can undergo Ultherapy treatment as long as they have visibly saggy skin on either their face, neck or brow areas that needs tightening or lifting. Unfortunately, there are certain conditions that would be a barrier to a person receiving the treatment. These include:
  • Lesions on the area targeted by the treatment
  • Cystic acne
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Dermal implants
  • Metal devices
  • Mechanical implants 

November 23, 2014

To 3rd or NOT to 3rd That is The Question!?

When you found out the gender of your baby, how did you feel?

I remember what I was pregnant with Nate I was sure it would be another girl. I was so excited of the thought. Being able to dress this tiny little thing in Ruby's outfits one more time. A majority of her clothing were only worn once and others still have price tags dangling off of them in my storage room. I can still remember the time prior to her arrival, standing in her new freshly painted room staring fondly at piles of neatly folded and organized itty bitty outfits gushing with joy. The idea of buying bows and hair accessories was maybe taken a bit too far...considering she only started having substantial hair after she turned 2 :) Secretly I wanted to relive having a girl once more...I feel like my time with Ruby as a newborn was almost non-existent. Being in a slump with post partumdepression it all just feels like a blurb looking back on it.

When I found out I would be having a boy I had a pang in my heart...boys are so boring. The first year he often wore subtle colours and was clung to me like a bee on honey, not very interested in toys, only being held by Mommy. Not saying his first year was boring, but I remember it being "different" with Ruby.

Things really changed after he turned one. I always felt a great connection between him and I, but I feel even MORE connected to this little fella now. He always seems to understand how I feel, he has a deep gaze and looks me right in the eye as if to say "it's okay Mommy". When I am down he takes his chubby little hands and places them on my face and looks at me with that special hypnotizing gaze he has. The comfort of his warm hands snaps me out of any bad or sad mood.

I am so happy I have a boy now, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love this kid so much (Ruby equally as much) but there really is something different about having a boy. Forget the bows and frilly things...I get 100% pure love from this kid. He is always hugging me, giving me kisses and making me smile. Of course he has his naughty moments (don't they all) but he is special. Nothing like a bond between a mother and her son. He always is eager to make me happy, he helps me unpack groceries and carries the bags from the hallway to the kitchen (I still can't figure out how he manages). He makes sure I catch his eyes and thank him and he get's the biggest grin and beams full of pride. He helps me tidy up and do the laundry...Pretty impressive at 1.5 if you ask me!

When I put him to bed, I love nuzzling his little bald sweaty head pressed into my neck as I rock him back and forth. I wish I could freeze those moments with him forever. When he falls asleep on my chest, I feel the rise and fall of his breathing, his little hands wrapped around me. He is always searching for my approval, admiration and a big smile. He makes my family complete. I am truly happy now that I have one of each. I have my girly moments with Ruby (she is a diva to the max). We paint our nails, dress up in extravagant clothing, play with makeup + Barbies + dolls.

Of course being pregnant is a wonderful experience that only a mother will ever know. Meeting her baby for the first time, the joy that overcomes you... But I think I am done at two. I am finally starting to get my life back (not to sound selfish). At times Nate is becoming more independent. Life feels like it is getting easier. I personally do not think I could get through the early stages of childhood another time. Kudos to those of you that CAN or HAVE!
Even when my children drag me out of bed countless times in the night and insist on getting up at 5am to start their day...I look on as they eat breakfast, focusing on how innocent and fresh these two are, untainted. Each part of them making me smile from their head down to their toes. I am happy with two. I love them as they are, a pair. Two peas in a pod. Both ready to take on the world. I can't believe they came from my belly. They bring me endless amounts of happiness and yes...not so happy moments, but they all tally up to one great big dream that I never want to end. These two are my everything and I am happy about that! That's plenty enough to make me happy for the rest of my life!

“I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be.”

Robert Munsch

November 18, 2014

Giveaway: United Colors of Benetton 500 AED Voucher

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