July 23, 2014

Toddler Craft: Make Your Own Personalized Crown

Great craft to keep your little one occupied indoors on a blazing hot summer day in Dubai...
or even a rainy day here in Toronto!
Ruby and Nate had tons of fun glamming up their crowns with inexpensive craft materials that can be found at Daiso (or if you are in North America, your local Michael's Craft Store).
Here is what you will need:
  • Foam paper (even hard card stock would work)
  • Marker for tracing
  • Scissors
  • A plastic headband (or dig in your bathroom to find an old one you most certainly will never wear again like I did)
  • If you don't have a headband you can even use a small piece of elastic waistband material
  • A crown template (I used this one and this one) Don't be afraid to draw your own too
  • Glue gun
  • White glue
  • Decorative embellishment materials (pom poms, sequins, beads)
  1. Print and trace your template or free hand your crown onto the foam paper and cut out
  2. Lay out white glue and decorative bits and allow your child to get creative
  3. Here is the tricky part...letting the crown dry without your little one wanting to wear his/her new crown "RIGHT NOW"!
  4. Once the crown is nice and dry, take a hot glue gun and line the back of the bottom of the crown with glue
  5. Glue the crown to your headband (lining the bottom edge of the crown to the edge of the headband). If using an elastic band, measure the band to make sure it will fit snuggly on your child's head, then glue the end bits to the left and ride side of the crown
Wouldn't these be a great activity to have the kids make at a birthday party too? I am considering doing just that for my daughter's party in October!

July 15, 2014

Fun Find: "Tommy Hilfiger Ramadan Exclusive Kids Capsule"

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. The kids and I have finally arrived in Canada! I am suffering from a bad cold and the children are fighting some wicked jet lag. Not a fun combo. But to brighten my day, I came across these pretty little dresses that I could not resist sharing with you!
Tommy Hilfiger just launched its Ramadan exclusive Kids Capsule!
The collection comprises of six limited-edition dresses for girls, launching exclusively in the Middle East for Ramadan and Eid. The collection will be available in select stores throughout the region. Happy shopping!

July 6, 2014

Book Review: "Reemiyat Series-Burj Khalifa" by Dr. Reem El Mutwalli

To conclude my final review on the Reemiyat series, I introduce you to Dr. Reem's "Burj Khalifa" book. You may read my previous reviews of (Qasr Al Husn) + (Let's Play Dress Up) + (Hats & Horses).
Check out some pictures of Ruby & Nate below playing with a Reemiyat puzzle, part of a collection of merchandise you can buy from the series {here}. The kids love love love the puzzle! I have one more sneaky item of Merchandise to share with you in the coming days! Dr. Reem even said she has special handmade dolls for sale in limited quantities, which I absolutely need to get my hands on!

In this novel, we learn everything there is to know about the...you guessed it! Burj Khalifa! But that is not all, Dr. Reem begins the adventure commencing in the world's biggest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall.

Mama Hamda purchases tickets for her family to experience the gulf's living wonder and marvelous work of engineering. They arrive at the tower entrance of the Dubai Mall. We get a glimpse at the ice skating rink, discovery center and the beautiful aquarium (one of my kiddies favourite hangout spots).

As they enter the Burj Khalifa they go through a long, moving tunnel where they watch videos of Dubai's history and learn the story behind the Burj Khalifa. Did you know that 30 companies from around the world worked together to create it? Over 12,000 workers and builders!

As they commence their journey to the top, they go inside a high-speed elevator which is 65 meters long! 10 meters per second! The Tower has 163 floors designed by Adrian Smith using Islamic patterns. It is shaped like a desert flower, the middle part is the stem, with each section of the tower reaching out like a petal.

We are emerced into the observation deck at level 124. I spot a few buildings some of my old friends used to live in off of Sheikh Zayed Road, and become a bit nostalgic.

Suddenly Shama (the youngest sibbling) is affraid of the thought of lightning hitting the Burj. But she is assured by her father as he tells her that the tip of the Burj is covered with very speical panels to protect them.

Shama then tells us about the park below (which I had NO idea existed). The elder sister Sheema and brother Hazza tell us how the park is irrigated using green irrigation which is very good for our planet. A special tower pulls the water out of the air and they use it to water the park.

To end the story, the children's mother takes them outside to see the world's largest music fountain which has 6,600 lights and colored projectors. Water shoots up to 152 meters high in the air!

Hazza, the adventourous little boy exlaims how he wishes he could climb to the tip of the Burj, but his sister Sheema teases him how someone already beat him to it! Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamemed Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince climbed up there on National Day back in 2013 to raise the UAE's flag! Impressive! 

On the very last page Dr. Reem illustrates all the tallest building's in the world, including the CN Tower from my hometown of Toronto :)

I truly adore this series as each book contains so much informative content. It is not only fun for the kids to read and listen to, but also fun for me as I get to learn something new each time!
If you are outside of AD, no need to fret you can order online right {here} OR by email sales@universal-publisher.com
Check out Reemiyat on Facebook {here}